Takes me in its teeth,

it’s a sleek wolverine

shaking off glassine beads

of the setting sun, gleaming

over the river cold and clean;

Riverine carries me in its furling current;

my soul adamantine, unchanging, always changing,

the lean walleye and muskies now follow me,

hollow seems what we leave upstream, the tangerine

sun bleeds into the deep crystalline

sky and as these Anthropocene

days slide into deep blue evening skies

scattered with constellations named for dragons and hunters and queens,

Cassiopeia awakes and takes a long look, shakes

off her mantle of sleep and demands passage to the sea,

she shall take the river now darkly unseen,

it bends at the rapids on its creaking knees

and receives the reflection of the queen, regal and fine,

along its shining black spine, long and serpentine –


Triumphant, we carry her mirrored gleam

all the way to Lake Michigan’s ragged seam

where jagged rocks meet waves like cream,

and reams of stories, those gloried myths of the Greeks,

meet the Midwestern shores

with scores of dreams,

dream upon




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