I have staked out a sliver of an acre in this king-sized country where I am held carefully in the dark like the opening quotes and the first few words of a song – through the open window I can hear the world as it grows lighter, I hear sandhill cranes trilling to each other … More Suspension

Coffee and Toast on Hubbard Street, Civilization and Oliver’s Query

I live in the city now and mostly that means when I stoop to pick the paper up off of the sidewalk I can smell coffee and toast in someone else’s kitchen, proof that neither the apocalypse nor the Rapture happened between last night and this morning; proof of houses still standing and people still … More Coffee and Toast on Hubbard Street, Civilization and Oliver’s Query


the queen is dead long live the queen I kneel in the twilight river my knees on the sand I plunge myself under and break the surface to the north I baptize myself I am a new creation the water rolling into the water the water taking the water back again the light shattering across … More coronation


A few miles past that fucked-up intersection coming off of the Chicago Skyway – the toll booth, the gaping hole in the road, the circle left and then allemand right demanded by some depraved square dance caller – I-65 shakes off the big city and, like any good Midwesterner makes a good and straight line … More Untraveling