Valentine’s Day Worksheet

Scientists say that

distance equals speed times time

but our universes collided and sailed

a million miles apart

even though the erosion of our hearts

was glacial – each breath a tiny wave

against the ruddy shore,

each heartbeat washing itself away

a little more.

They say that speed

is distance divided by time,

but despite the light years over this great abyss

that yawned open in an instant,

everything fell, is still falling, in slow motion –

snow disappearing on a black lake.

That leaves time to be configured,

distance over speed – I see

the days ahead unrolling before me

like a river, the space between

the me that I was, once upon a time

and the me I will be, ever after,

divided first

by the torrid spring-flooded current,

then the languid summer current,

then the winter river locked in ice –

who can do that kind of math?

The sturgeon move like shadows

as they have for a million years,

gray ghosts of what has been,

what is now,

what will be.

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